Published Works


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Demon in My Head – My first horror novel

My author’s profile on Night to Dawn Magazine’s website can be found here.


Popular Culture and Philosophy contributions

Justified and Philosophy: Shoot First, Think Later

Deadpool and Philosophy: My Common Sense is Tingling

Iron Man vs Captain American and Philosophy

American Horror Story and Philosophy

Amy Schumer and Philosophy

1984 and Philosophy: Is Resistance Futile?  – I wrote a blurb on the inside jacket!

WikiLeaking: The Ethics of Secrecy and Exposure – I wrote a blurb on the inside jacket!

Other Non-fiction

Comics Through Time


Martial Arts publications:

Do Your Breathing

Tai Chi: Not Just “Old People in the Park”

Training with the Greats: Taiji Seminar with Chen Bing

Horror publications:

The Seduction of Fear

Journalism publications:

Student Musicians will Join WINDS in Concert